This is one of the first items of audio equipment that I have no desire to replace or upgrade.

Full Review:

Current System:
CD Player: Musical Fidelity A1008 CD PRO,
Pre-amp: Burson Pre-160 with stepper volume control
Power Amp: Ampslab Bi240 (240watts rms per channel class AB, DIY built)
Speakers: Ampslab Vifa Premium line based 2 way monitors (DIY built)
Interconnects: Ixos 104, 63 conductor OFC
Speaker cable: Audioquest Bi wire OFC

Sorry for the delay in my feedback on your Pre-160 pre-amp with stepper attenuator, I really wanted to let it settle in along with my new Musical Fidelity A1008 cd player before giving feedback as follows: –

It has now been more than a couple of months since taking delivery and I must say I am totally delighted. My only minor negatives are the lack of volume remote control and the power on button feels slightly rough to operate however as a keen DIY hifi enthusiast with experience with industrial electronics I did look inside the case and cannot fault the build quality which is to an extremely high standard (better than I have seen in my previous quality hifi components)

Spending many hours building my own power amp and speakers I really wanted a very good pre-amp to get the best sound I could within a reasonable budget and again the pre-160 has not disappointed.

Bass goes very low and is tight, vocals on good recordings are clear and extremely realistic / emotive, Instruments on good recordings are also very realistic – for example high notes on the piano jump out of the top of the speakers, On less busy music you can hear drums / bongos in great detail right down to the drummers stick or bongo players hands striking the skin of the instrument. Electronic stereo effects are also exceptionally sharp and precise and really jump out at you.

I have taken a risk buying the Pre-160 from the other side of the world without hearing or seeing one however I did look carefully at the level of discrete electronics aimed at sound quality, build and reviews. What can I say – the risk paid off. This is one of the first items of audio equipment that I have no desire to replace or upgrade.

Thanks again for a great product, my system is now at a level where I can relax and enjoy the music.