After proper burn-in, at about 600 hours they become exceptional, warm, with extended rich and controlled bass, fluent mids and silky detailed highs…With V6 sound becomes three dimensional, you can point your finger at each instrument in the air. Instruments get more mass and definition. With JBL LSR305 monitors you get holographic stage, almost crazy and another dimension compared to default MUSES op-amps…Vivids’s really make this monitors sing…As JBL’s are on my desk on each side of the monitor (maybe 10 inch from wall) you can hear singer singing directly from monitor as if it is a speaker. You get impression of being there in the live performance while singer is singing in front of you and the instruments are around you. You can hear the air he takes while he sings. There is really lot of refinement in the sound, instruments like cello, violin, guitar sound as if they are playing live in front of you, with lot of energy and passion. You listen to the songs you love and discover them all over again as they are presented in such way that you did not heard previously. With Foobar (ASIO) and Tidal I get perfect sound for my ears (used EQ to get V-shaped sound that I prefer). Vivid’s are musical, refined and unfatiguing…just give them a proper burn-in.