General changes: The first one went to flac, but usually poorly executed rock songs from the years 60/70s, where recording techniques strongly differ from today. To my surprise, the biggest change was a significant difference of noise in these songs. It really is a huge plus. Bass: Here, the changes are very clear. There is less bass but I like it because I have the impression that despite the less bass is much better quality. It is very well controlled. Incredibly fast and precise. Mids: The mids of the previous setup was already very good and slightly extended forward. The only change which hit my ears are better quality vocals. Treble: I have the impression that the changes in the higher tones are similar to those in mids. have a feeling smooth sound, while maintaining very good detail. Stage: It’s gently expanded, but it is very subtle change. Perhaps the DT150 can not have more scenes muster. Nevertheless that satisfies me.