The Blue Moon Award
“With a Realsization award for Burson’s HA160 headphone-only amp, the HA160D as a DAC/preamp/headphone amp has a Blue Moon award written all over it. I actually think of it as the new benchmark in this component and price class.”

HA-160D vs Woo Audio Model 5

“The Woo ($4.000 with all the optional parts upgrades I had the manufacturer install) is a 300B SET with 6SN7 drivers and twin 5U4G rectifiers. Mine runs with all Synergy Hifi glass. The tube amp was texturally richer and dimensionally larger but particularly on the first count a lot less than expected. The Burson was grippier in the bass and dynamically more exciting. Because its tone textures were so close to the direct-heated triodes which in headphone mode never approach deep THD colorations, the HA160D got the final nod.”

HA-160D vs Antelope Audio Zodiac+

“While Antelope’s (2500USD Zodiac+ ) headphone output had sufficient voltage to generate fully satisfactory levels from today’s best headphones—on loudness, the Zodiac’s circuit was as ‘powerful’ as the Burson—and while it was of obviously higher quality than raw convenience sockets on receivers; it was bested by the less than half-priced Australian.”

HA-160D vs Ancient Audio Lektor Prime

“The Burson won on solidity, tone color intensity, bass power and treble sweetness. The Polish machine’s 6H30s (€10.000 Ancient Audio Lektor Prime) were more silvery but also a tad coarser/steelier.”

HA-160D vs Weiss DAC2

“I prefer the Burson DAC to my Weiss DAC2. It was inevitable that I’d eventually come across such a converter. It’s part of the never-ending hobby. I simply so did not expect it at 1/3rd the price.”

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