TNT Audio Timekeeper Review by Lucio Cadeddu (Chief Editor)

The well respected non for profit website TNT audio has been one of the benchmark in the HiFi review publication. Then their Chief Editor Lucio Cadeddu accepted our invitation to review our latest creation Timekeeper. 3 months after we sent out the sample unit to Lucio we have and hear back that the editor is going to write up a 2 part review for the Timekeeper. The team is both excited and extremely honoured. ..."We've previously reviewed Burson Audio products, always with very positive results. This is their first attempt to design a different kind of power amplifier, a new component which has to be faithful to the Burson Audio credo that can be summarized in three points: no use of IC's (integrated circuits), a less is more approach and solid state technology. During recent years many manufacturers have chosen Class D technology for their amplifiers, because of the higher efficiency, generally good sound and minimalist layout. The guys at Burson Audio think that IC's are the root of all evil so they tried to avoid Class D implementations like the plague. Actually, to be 100% precise, not every Class D amplifier is a chip-amp! So here it is: a fully discrete bipolar solid state power amplifier with a linear, beefy, traditional power supply. Made in Melbourne, Australia. By Australians." ..."This is a very interesting power amplifier: classical, solid sound, rich in harmonics, high in power output and low in distortion. The Timekeeper is a component that tends to disappear from the listening chain: it just does its job, effortlessly and naturally! In this price range it is a serious contender and certainly a power amp to keep in mind when you're in the market for a mature, well-engineered, powerful and precise performer. Like a good mechanical watch, it will keep the time of your favourite music for years and years. Kudos to Burson! In the second part of this review I'll tell you everything about the Timekeeper when used as monoblock amplifier." Full review here: