Burson Low Noise Power Supply

Cleaner Power Means Higher Resolution

Ever notice how your system sounds better in the evening or weekends? When AC power is generated it’s fairly clean, but every device between you and the station draws current that corrupts the waveform. Air conditioners pull down and send spikes through the AC line, and chargers’ capacitors nibble at the incoming AC only at the top and bottom of the alternating 60Hz waveform causing a rippling effect that creates distortion. Outdoor high-voltage cables pick up radio signals from multiple sources causing distortion. Transformers on the national grid are running close to saturation creating even more distortion!

It doesn’t end there. The power supplies from most audio equipment pollute the powerline, the ground, and radiate high-frequency interference. Standard IC voltage regulators inject noise because of the nature of their operation, hiding details in the music.

The Burson Solution

Burson’s new Musician Series takes the already improved IC-free power supply of our first generation Classic Series to the next level. It’s now built around a noise-filtering network employing twice as many filtering stages as the previous design for even greater noise rejection. The new power supply is fed by new custom-built low-noise transformers that deliver clean and stable power resulting in greater 3D imaging emerging from a pitch-black background.