…”Burson Audio has been making a lot of noise of late and particularly in the American high-end audio arena.  Our own Dave Abramson recently wrote glowingly of Burson Audio’s Conductor headphone amp/preamp. The company was formed in 1996 by a group of music lovers and audio engineers located in Melbourne, Australia. Their fundamental design approach, as stated on the Burson web site, is based on the well known “less is more” philosophy. That is, place as few components in the signal path as possible and the signal will be purer. Right? Sounds simple and logical, yet many designs fall short of the goal—fewer components do not guarantee better sound. On the other hand, Burson Audio goes further in this direction than do many other manufacturers. As stated in a recent email,“…we tailor design everything from the ground up including removing the everyday audio building blocks such as IC Op amps or IC regulators.These standardized building blocks inevitably contain many components inside of them which are irrelevant to the design.” And with Dave’s review being so positive, I was intrigued and decided to keep in contact with the folks at Burson Audio. Along with eagerly awaiting an opportunity to audition one of their products.”

“Consider this, the uber expensive and highly touted Halcro–(never forgot their dm68 amps remarkable noise measurements) – is the only other company I am aware of that also manufactures high end audio products in Australia. That the Burson Audio Timekeeper also boasts an ultra quiet signal path but retails for less than one-tenth the asking price of the dm68 is downright startling. Therefore, I believe the Burson Audio Timekeeper as among the Best in Class ($2500 – $5000), as well as my pick for Publisher’s Choice Most Wanted Component 2013!. Personally, I love to hear anything in its price range that can compete and/or outperform a pair of these minature musical beasts. Highly”

Full Review Here: http://www.stereotimes.com/post/burson-audio-timekeeper-amplifier/