Hardware Setup

1. Select the correct mains voltage via the voltage setting switch
2. Connect the power cord and switch the unit on
3. Connect the USB cable to your Mac or PC
4. Select the “U” input via the input select button
5. Adjust the volume level below 10
6. Headphones: Connect your headphone to the jack on the front of the unit
7. Speakers: Connect line-level cables to the PRE OUT jacks

OSX Setup

1. Open System Preferences in OSX and select Sound

2. In Sound go to the Output tab and select “Speaker – USB” as indicated on the screen shot. Close Sound

3. Open your Applications folder and select the Utilities folder, double click on the Audio MIDI Setup app.

4. Select the USB Speaker tab on the left column and go into the Output tab and set the format to 192kHz and 24-bit. Then close the window and enjoy your new Conductor Virtuoso in OSX.