The Burson Audio HA-160 is my first ever headphone amp. I needed a dedicated headphone amp because my new system didn’t have a headphone jack. I’m using a Naim Nait 5i integrated amp, Oppo 93-SE player, Transparent Audio The Link internconnects, Sennheiser HD-650 headphones, and older B&W 600 series loudspeakers.

The Burson sounds fantastic — I listen to a LOT of classical music, and the amp sounds clear, natural, and neutral. In fact, the sound of the Burson amp reminds me of the sound I get from my Naim integrated amp, which has proven to be a very musical piece of gear.
Plus, the Burson has bass and thump when I rock out to AC/DC or Van Halen or what not.

Cheers from Seattle, USA.

Sennheiser HD650 headphone amplifier