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Frank Iacone
“The new Virtuoso manages to be musical and dynamic with any headphone used.”
John E.
“…its unique sound quality will encourage many consumers to get out their credit card…”
Michael Mercer
“The Conductor Virtuoso’s like a muscle car wrapped in a BMW 7-Series body.”
Bob Katz
“It’s tight, powerful, warm (but detailed), big, bold and beautiful…”
“…most of all the solid sound quality make it a home run.”


The Conductor Virtuoso

The Conductor Virtuoso is a USB DAC, Headphone Amp and Preamplifier. Most enthusiasts use its DAC and amplifier to drive their prized headphones with one beautifully-built, modestly-priced component. With over 4 watts of power on tap the Conductor Virtuoso will drive any headphone with ease. The Conductor Virtuoso’s headphone amp section is essentially the Soloist which reviewers have raved about. Or use the Conductor Virtuoso’s preamp functions to make it the center of a headphone and speaker-based desktop system with headphone option.


How Virtuoso is it?

Burson has significantly upgraded and refined previous generations of the Conductor. There are now a stunning
100-steps of volume control with a new, easy-to-read display. When the Conductor Virtuoso is on the volume indicators appear on the face of the thick, antiresonant aluminium front plate.

You can choose from two interchangeable DAC boards with different sonic characteristics and the modular design makes for no-fuss upgrades. As always, Burson eschews densely-packed opamps and designs all discrete circuitry for superior tonality, clarity and a lower noise floor.

DAC Options: ESS9018 DAC or PCM1793 DAC

The remote control is worthy of the Burson badge, carved from solid aluminium with no visible screws. The touch and feel of Burson products matches their irresistible sound that pulls you into the music in a visceral, exciting way.


Cleaner Power Means Higher Resolution

Ever notice how your system sounds better in the evening or weekends? Learn More


The Vault

Sometimes called the Vault by our customers, the 6mm Resonance Free Aluminum (RFA) enclosures are constructed from precision-machined panels. Learn More [+]



Input impedance: 36.5 KOhms
Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 50Khz
Signal to noise ratio: >94dB
THD: <0.03% at 30ohm with 1W ouput
Channel separation: >73dB
Output power: 4W at 16 Ohms
Output impedance (Headphone Amp): 3 Ohm
Output impedance (Line Level): 30 Ohm
Power dissipation: 35W internal, regulated power supply

DAC Specification

Channel Separation: 140 dB @ 1KHz, 130 dB @ 20KHz
THD+N: 0.0005% @ 1KHz, 0dBFS
COAX & Toslink / SPDIF : 24 bits / 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192KHz

USB Specification

OS Requirement: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X
USB : 24 bits / 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192KHz
Support up to 24bit @ 192Khz with 10ppm low jitter clock
Asynchronous Transfer Mode


1 x USB Connection (CM6631a USB Module)
1 x Coaxial RCA (Support up to 24bit @ 192Khz)
1 x Toslink / SPDIF (Support up to 24bit @ 192Khz)
2 x RCA line level input


1 x headphone jacks 6.35mm
1 x RCA Pre out
1 x RCA DAC out


Weight: app. 6 kg
Colour: silver anodized aluminium
Dimensions: 265 x 255 x 80 mm

Package includes

1 x Conductor Virtuoso
1 x Power cable
1 x RCA pair input cables
1 x USB cable
1 x Remote control

User Manual Downloadable (including 5-year warranty and registration information.)

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“They (The Conductor Virtuosos) sound great and are easy to use and look good too. Burson has a unique sound that is pleasant to listen to but does not color the sound. Clean and open and sounds very good at low levels too.”
Elliot Mazer (Legendary Record Producer), Full Reivew
“It is quite amazing how alive but still relaxing the music sounds via your new Conductor. I am very happy about this. The DAC is working excellent! I am getting beautiful sound from Conductor’s DAC-OUT when it is connected to my AVM Preamp!”
Maestro Israel Yinon, Full Reivew
“Many audio equipment are equipped with headphone outputs, oddly enough, this is the connection most often neglected. But in the case of Burson the situation is exactly the opposite …”

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