Burson Conductor V2



More Power, Superior Sound

Burson Audio is proud to announce the new Conductor V2 with superior sound and more power, setting a new benchmark in the reference class category. This is a major update from the Conductor Virtuoso (V1).

Thanks to a new high-density winding technique, the new power transformers that support the headphone amp and preamp section are able to output twice as much power as the Conductor V1.

Burson Conductor V2

The entire circuitry has been redesigned based on our new V6 SS opamp which is the best sounding audio opamp in the world. While still a pure Class ­A designed with Field Effect Transistors, Conductor V2 fully utilize the two 70W transformers to output over 8200 mW per channel into 16ohm. It will comfortably drive the toughest headphone in the world while delicately handling the most sensitive.

Reference class Head-Fi redefined.

Burson Conductor V2

The Smooth Operator

The PGA2310 is the flagship volume control chip offered by Texas Instruments. With an impressive dynamic range of 120dB and 0.0004 THD measurement, it is the go to solution for pro audio applications and broadcast studios, allowing for a 0.5dB per step of fine control to Conductor V2.

With the PGA2310 the Conductor V2 operate smoothly and silently with no mechanical moving parts. It will serve you seamlessly for years to come! Learn More [+]

Burson Conductor V2

Upgrade in a Snap

If you want more from the Conductor V2, upgrading is a snap! With our modularized design, a reference class DAC PCB can be added which allows for TOS link, Coaxial Input that supports up to 24bit 192K of input. Furthermore, you could add the latest XMOS USB module that supports most IOS & Android devices, up to 32bit/364K sampling, 256DSD and DXD. Once all digital options are included, the reference class V2 becomes a V2+. Learn More [+]

Burson Conductor V2

MeasurementPackage Content
Input impedance: 35 KOhms1 x Conductor V2 Headphone amp / Pre-Amp
Frequency response:± 1 dB 0 – 56Khz1 x Remote Control
THD: <0.003%1 x RCA Cable
Input impedance: >8K Ohm1 x Power Cable
Output impedance (Headphone Amp):3 OhmGeneral
Output impedance (Pre Out / DAC Out): 1 Ohm / 25 OhmWeight: app. 7 kg
Inputs: 2 x RCA line level inputDimensions: 265mm x 255mm x 80mm
Outputs:1 x RCA Pre Amp, 1 x Headphone Jack
Impedance (Headphone Jack)PowerSignal to Noise Ratio Separation
16 Ohm8.2W92db99%
32 Ohm4W95db99%
100 Ohm1.46W94db99%
150 Ohm1W94db99%
300 Ohm0.5W95db99.5%
“They (The Conductor Virtuosos) sound great and are easy to use and look good too. Burson has a unique sound that is pleasant to listen to but does not color the sound. Clean and open and sounds very good at low levels too.”
Elliot Mazer (Legendary Record Producer), Full Reivew
“It is quite amazing how alive but still relaxing the music sounds via your new Conductor. I am very happy about this. The DAC is working excellent! I am getting beautiful sound from Conductor’s DAC-OUT when it is connected to my AVM Preamp!”
Maestro Israel Yinon, Full Reivew
“Many audio equipment are equipped with headphone outputs, oddly enough, this is the connection most often neglected. But in the case of Burson the situation is exactly the opposite …”

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