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Impedance matching is nothing new

It is the attempt to make the output impedance of a source equal to the input impedance of the amplifier to which it is ultimately connected. This is pro-audio engineering 101 and to studio engineers, finding and fixing impedance mismatch between studio equipment is as essential as asking a plumber to find and repair a leak. The tool used to eliminate impedance mismatch is called an audio buffer. Its function is further explained on Wikipedia. Here.

Our own Burson buffers introduced 10 years ago remain highly sought after items with very few changing hands.

Here you can read more about our audio buffers

Does this problem exist in audiophile systems?

Absolutely! Audiophile components come in much greater varieties when compared to those in pro-audio. Battery vs linear vs switching power supply designs, tube vs solid-state designs, discrete vs IC designs. Each has very different output impedance. This variety results in widespread impedance mismatch and it often exists between the source component and the preamp or integrated amplifier.

Many audiophiles are not aware that the performance gap between what they hear in the dealership demo and what they hear at home after the purchase is a direct result of impedance mismatching between the new machine and the rest of their system.

So why is it hardly ever mentioned?

Because no one in the HiFi industry, from manufacturers to dealers to established magazines want to talk about this problem. Imagine how many people (consumers) will be discouraged from this hobby if they knew how difficult it is to find two pieces of perfectly matched equipment? Furthermore, no manufacturer wants to publish a list of what matches and what doesn’t with each of their products. This industry, like any other, must simplify its message to keep its valued customers.

The Ultimate System Matching Interconnection Cable

The Burson Cable+ Pro is a painstakingly designed fully discrete audio buffer with Canare audio cables and plugs attached. Canare cables and plugs have no magic or snake oil in them. They are the cable and connector of choice for most recording studio, radio station and concert halls around the world. They are robust, consistent and engineered to perfection, Many cable manufacturers use and abuse the words “reference class” but only Canare deserves that title.

The Cable+ Pro removes impedance mismatch so you can hear 100% of your system. At the same time, our proprietary design Burson discrete audio opamp ensures transparency and accuracy with no colouration added. Regardless of their brand, circuitry design, and power supply types, a perfectly matched audio system is always guaranteed. This is the freedom audiophiles have been wishing for!

Do I need one?

Unless the entire audio system is from the same manufacturer within the same product line, it is most likely that impedance mismatching exists. That is why we are offering 30 days of satisfaction refund guarantee. If the Cable+ is not needed in your system then simply return it for a full refund*.

Sonic Improvement

Once the Cable+ is in place, sonic details once lost, will be fully reproduced to create a complete experience. Play familiar – very familiar – material, and you will hear the finest details fully resolved, while the fundamentals take on a new level of life and solidity. That “harsh digital sound” replaced by a wider and more three-dimensional soundstage.

Cable+Pro RCA to RCA

Cable+Pro AUX to RCA

Burson Cable RCA to RCA

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Price included worldwide shipping.
30 days satisfaction refund guarantee.
2 years standard warranty with an option to extend to 5 years.
Retailing Value: $199 USD


MeasurementPackage Content
Input impedance: 250 KOhms1 x Cable+ / PROAUX to RCA / AUX to AUX /RCA to RCA
Frequency response:± 1 dB 0 – 55Khz1 x USB Power Cable
THD: <0.005%1 x USB Power Supply
Output impedance3 OhmGeneral
Signal to Noise Ratio>118dB at 6dB gainWeight: app. 200 (net)
Power Dissipation5W (1VA USB Power)Cable Length: Appx120cm / 47.2in