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Your music is suffering!

With today’s multi-core high power CPU in our phones, tablets, and laptops, the devices able to process high-resolution music is already in your hands.

However, when connecting these devices to an audio amplifier, the resulting music quality is guaranteed to disappoint, lacking dynamic and soundstage with a blurry vocal and harsh high notes.

Burson understands the capability of today’s mobile devices, and we know they can become high-end media players once their performance bottlenecks are removed.

The bottlenecks

There are two bottlenecks preventing your phones, tablets, and laptops, from sounding hi-end. They are the low voltage output of these devices and the 1940 era audio cable connecting them to the audio amplifier.

If we undersupply voltage to a light globe. It will light up, but it will be dim, and far from ideal. The same happens when an audio signal from a low power source component is fed to a high power amplifier, there will still be sound but weak, blurry and distorted.

Specifically, 5 Volt USB powers all mobile devices and laptops. On the other hand, audio components such as your headphone or speaker amplifier are powered by 240 Volt or 110 Vot AC. The output from such low power devices is undersupplying to the high power amplifier, significantly degrading audio performance.

The conventional audio cable was designed in the 1940s and has not changed since. They were meant to transfer audio signal between high voltage devices.  Using such cables to transfer today’s typical low voltage audio signal from mobile devices and laptops results in signal loss and distortion.

This resulting mismatch is the reason why you have to turn up the volume of your amplifier and yet music playback sounds strained, lacking clarity and impact.

Hear Everything

The Burson Cable +, utilises our V5i audio module, the most popular upgrade for audiophiles around the world, it raises the signal level from 5 Volt mobile devices to the standard RCA line level, ensuring a perfect match with any audio amplifiers and active speakers.

The Burson Cable + instantly turns any portable device into a high-end media player. Its improvement to sound quality is instant, significant and provides improvement across the entire audio spectrum. Soundstage becomes wider and deeper. Bass notes carry weight, texture, and impact while vocal and high notes are crisp and transparent; the way music should be.

With Cable+, your mobile device and laptop become truly hi-end media players.

Cable+ In HiFi

Impedance Mismatched? It Has Happened To Us All

When audiophiles listen to their newly purchased components at home, they often find the sound quality doesn’t match up to what they heard in the store. The sonic characteristics that persuaded them into buying the machine in the first place have just vanished. This all too familiar situation, often leads to most audiophiles blaming the remainder of their system for “not being as good as the one in the store”. The end result is often more upgrades and further misinformed or ill-advised investments.

The Nuts And Bolts Of It:

Brand / ModelOutput impedance
Arcam CDS2747 Ohm
Arcam CD73150 Ohm
Arcam CD3650 Ohm
Mark Levinson N390S10 Ohm
NAD C542150 Ohm
NAD C521 BEE300 Ohm
Schiit MODI 275 Ohm

Many audiophiles are not aware that the performance gap between what they hear in the shop and what they hear at home is a direct result of impedance mismatching between the new machine and the rest of their system.

Impedance matching is a complex technical issue in audio as different circuitry designs produce different input and output impedance. What makes it worse, is that the same manufacturer can have different output/input (I/O) impedance standards across their range of products due to design changes/updates. (See table below).

While some manufacturers are willing to disclose the I/O impedance figures, most are not too keen. In the 80s and 90s, most audiophile equipment accurately published them. Nowadays, impedance numbers have disappeared from most spec sheets. The result is an audio market full of confusion, myth, and plenty of frustration. Unless the entire audio system is from the same manufacturer within the same product line, it is most likely that impedance mismatching will exist. Most audiophiles are paying 100% for their systems but are only hearing 70% of its full potential.

The Cable+ Synergises any audio system:

The Burson Cable+ removes any impedance mismatching by acting as an isolation platform between any source components (CD, DVD, Media Player) and downstream amplification (preamp, integrated amp, active speakers). It is designed to Increase signal transmission efficiency and unlock the potential of any system.

What to expect?

Once the Cable+ is in place, sonic details once lost, will be fully reproduced to create a complete experience. Play familiar – very familiar – material, and you will hear the finest details fully resolved, while the fundamentals take on a new level of life and solidity. That “harsh digital sound” replaced by a wider and more three-dimensional soundstage.

Cable+ AUX to RCA

Cable+ AUX to AUX

Cable+ RCA to RCA

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Cable Type

MeasurementPackage Content
Input impedance: 250 KOhms1 x Cable+AUX to RCA / AUX to AUX /RCA to RCA
Frequency response:± 1 dB 0 – 55Khz1 x USB Power Cable
THD: <0.005%1 x USB Power Supply
Input impedance: >8K Ohm
Output impedance3 OhmGeneral
Signal to Noise Ratio>118dB at 6dB gainWeight: app. 200 (net)
Power Dissipation5W (1VA USB Power)Cable Length: Appx120cm / 47.2in