Burson Super Charger 3A


The Black Friday 2021 offer applies when accompanied by an order of a completed product from the Party, Performance or Reference series.

Super Charge your Burson and take its performance to an even higher level.  It is the final icing on the cake!

Lower Noise = More Details.

Off-the-shelf power units have an operating frequency that’s just above the human hearing threshold. In contrast, the Burson Super Charger works at an even higher frequency, resulting in a much lower DC noise—instantly improving the final noise to signal ratio which allows a deeper dive into micro-details.

Higher Frequency = More Dynamics.

The Burson Super Charger doubles the charging frequency to power capacitors inside the audio amplifier. The resulting sound is more impactful with a bigger and deeper soundstage.

Link table:

Burson DesignsSuper Charger 3A
Conductor 3XRYes
Conductor 3RYes
Timekeeper 3RiNo
Conductor 3XPYes
Conductor 3PYes
Composer 3XPYes
Soloist 3XPYes
Playmate 2Yes

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 21 × 5 × 18 cm


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