Burson Soloist 3X Performance: (within remote and V6 Vivid opamps)

  • 8Wpc XLR and 4Wpc single-ended, driving any headphones to their full potential.
  • Three levels of feedback based gain, matching headphones from 60db to 108db sensitivity.
  • Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supplies eliminating noise and unveiling micro-details. 
  • High current Class-A and fully discrete circuitry, achieving incredible sound.
  • The same MUSE72320 based volume control used in ultra-high-end preamps, achieving phenomenal channels balance and soundstage.
  • Headphone power amp mode to remove volume control from the signal path and reach even higher transparency.
  • Opamp rolling to tune Soloist 3X to your preference.

* You can cancel your order before it ships.  Burson will refund the order via Paypal, less 5% transaction fee. (the part that we don’t get refunded by Paypal)