The Njoe Tjoeb 4000 which is essentially a modified Marantz CD Player with add over sampling DAC. The unit is over 6 years old so it did not come with the Super tube clock that is presently being pushed by the manufacturer. Interestingly they are not that interested in selling the clock component despite the fact that advertised the CD player initially for DIYers. Some suspect they wish to increase sales of their new cd player rather than deal with smaller amounts for an upgrade component. In any case the cost of a single unit is pretty steep.

The Burson clocks can match the clock speeds of the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 and the Burson clock can be made to work well within this modified product.

This cd player is a very popular product because it is an excellent buy within the sub $1,100 price range. They are a lot of people like who would like to provide an additional tweak without having to buy a new CD system. Certainly the present world economic climate, not to mention our spouses, would tend to deter most of us from spending several thousand dollars for new CD players.

1)    The first part of the upgrade can be carried out on any CD player.

This involves replacing the 8.4672 MHz clock on the drive mechanism

After the Burson clock upgrade, I have had a chance to listen to my CD player for the last few days and I can say unequivocally that the sound is great. All of the instruments that I am hearing on my recordings are even more life-like in focus. Vocals are particularly realistic sounding. It is amazing how you can uncover subtleties of the human voice in recordings that I have heard hundreds of times before. This is much more than a simple tweek. For an audiophile or a music lover (no they are not the same), this is an essential upgrade! I also have to comment that I did notice more substantial bass presence. And I listen to full range electrostats which are not noted for bass output. It was not that there was an over powering effect, but rather that the noise floor was reduced and the harmonic textures were more apparent. Overall for price quality and performance, I give this product an “A Triple Plus” .
To anyone reading my comments If you listen to a fairly good CD player and it doesn’t have a low jitter clock, you can and will make a substantial improvement in your equipment by incoprporating the Burson low jitter clock.   Cheers to all and now I have to get back to the music.


Two additional clocks can be upgraded for this Njoe Tjoeb 4000:
2)    a 24.576 MHz to re-clock the DAC chip and

4)    a 30 MHz clock for the sample rate converter.