I’m glad to say I am very happy with the modifications, far more improvements than I expected.  I never knew I can still get my old CD63 to sound so good after the mod.

Bass – is tighter & more punchy
Treble – is sweet & natural
Mid – is warm & natural
Vocal – stands out more focused & with body imaging
Live CDs – more listenable, 3D sounding & realistic, depth & wider sound stage

It was that good that I replaced my Marantz CD17 that I’ve been using for the past several years.  One more thing. The Regulators were installed in such a position at the rear of the CD player, that the blue LED created very nice blue lights coming out from the vents of the player.

Wee Chai Ong

Original board, before stripped down and modifications (more photos)
The Marantz CD63 MKII totally stripped down. Original Left/Right audio jacks removed to make way for better jacks (pictured next to circuit board on left).

Modified board, and all other parts re-installed into chassis of the CD player. Burson Audio new Clock & Voltage Regulators mounted on red plastic raw plug (easily purchased for few cents from DIY hardware shops). Not much space inside CD, thus the mounting is done onto circuit board with epoxy “Araldite” adhesive. Op-Amps are quite simple, straight forward installation.

Another angle of the modified board showing the red plastic raw plugs glued to circuit board and screwed down. These are used to mount the new Clock & Voltage Regulators. (4 pcs for the Clock & 2 for Regulators).

Voltage for the new Clock is taken from the wire jumper next to the red plastic raw plug (bottom left below clock). New clocking (black tip wire) is wired to small hole left after removal of capacitors. (Pictured bottom in between the 2 red raw plugs.