Finally, I am underway listening. As a matter of fact, I have phones on as I type this. I was just able this afternoon to find the time to set up a small system. we have just started, but the results are very promising. Listening with just the head amp so far.

The system consists of my trusty highly modified Teac VRDS 10. Power is being fed by An Acoustic Revive Power Reference Power cable into an AR RTP4ultimate Power distribution Bar. At the moment I have my PranaWire Cosmos Interconnects and Satori Power Cable. Not fair to the Heed as it has a fixed power cable, but my comparison was done with your stock power cable, so I guess it was fair after all. With just the head amp the Burson was dead quiet, while I heard some buzz with the Heed. Phones are the Ultrasone Pro 900s. I wish I had another pair of phones to compare as I have a sense that these are not the last word in transparency. I’m going to let everything play overnight and listen again in the morning before putting the buffer in, though I don’t see why I will need it. This player has bypassed the analog buffer output, so the output is about 1/2 volt. I thought there wouldn’t be enough juice without the buffer, but no. BTW the Satori is a 7 gauge power cable, and in this case I have to say bigger is better!

Joe Cohen