…”To date, the Burson Conductor SL is without question my absolute all time favorite Dac and Amplifier combo under $2000. 2watts of output power is more than enough to drive most of the Planar Magnetic headphones with the Hifiman HE-6 as the exception, so I have absolutely no desire to stack another amplifier on top of the Conductor SL and use the unit purely as a Dac. Most of my primary headphones are easily driven and mildly efficient so the Conductor SL all by its lonesome is overkill in regard to the driving power needed, that combined with the exceptional stereo imaging and clarity potential makes for an almost perfect amplifier and dac. The SL is not without faults though, at this price there is absolutely no excuse for having no audio input functions at all, nor are there any excuses for not having a dedicated treble and bass switch of some type. Not everyone uses Foobar2000 ( a software with unrivaled EQ possibility ) and most will be forced to deal with a flat EQ setup via their source and headphone. I’d rather have the dac or amplifier itself provide me with some boost options if I want it.

Offering flexible tonality, clarity and styling the Burson Conductor is my personal end-all amplifier combination and will be recommended for years to come without hesitation. I’ve loved every moment with this model and I cannot see myself purchasing anything else for a very long time. In combination with my Lawton Audio LA-D7000 headphones and the 1793 installed onto the chipboard of the Conductor SL, the experience is beyond words and something I’ve sought since the very beginning of my audio journey. Highly recommended and worth every penny and more. Great job, Burson!”

Here is full review: http://headfonics.com/2014/03/the-conductor-sl-by-burson/