“The drop in power output may be something to think about, if you happen to own a Hifiman HE-6 or plan to get one in the future. For everybody else, 2WPC is plenty for everything else in the market, not only dynamics but the other orthdynamics headphones in the market. If you’re bold enough to try the HE-6 on the Soloist SL, you’ll still find that the 2WPC output is still more than adequate to drive it, provided you’re not listening classical recordings with their notoriously low mastering level. The average recordings play nicely at about 11-12 O’clock at high gain. With a sensitive headphone like the Fostex TH600 and TH900, the low gain setting provides plenty of volume control range. The $400 drop in price between the $599 Burson Soloist SL and the $999 Burson Soloist is enticing enough, in my opinion, to bring people shopping for a $300-$400 to up their budget to $600 for the Soloist SL. After all, $300-$400 entry level desktop amps rarely have anything to brag about other than “it’s pretty good” or “it’s a good value amp”, where another $200 brings you the same solid circuitry that powers the $1K Soloist and the $1,850 Conductor. Don’t we all love it when manufacturers come out with a new product to tempt us with?”

Full Review Here: http://www.headfonia.com/the-budget-burson-soloist-sl/