Grace Design m903 Sennheiser HD800 and Conductor headphone amplifier USB DAC by Joey

..."After a few hours of listening to the Conductor, I would like to give a high praise to this wonderful piece of work. The Conductor is an awesome machine, with much improvements over the previous HA-160D. To make things interesting, I compared the new Conductor to my other well-done integrated DAC+pre-amp, the famous m903 by Grace Design. Even though I love the sound of my Grace Design m903, I've got to admit that Conductor out-performed the m903 in warmth. The darker sound of the Conductor makes it harder to get fatigue after long hours of listening. Overall I am greatly satisfied by the purchase, and if I have to choose from m903 and the new Conductor in terms of replay quality, I would definitely go for the new Conductor. :) Thanks! Joey