Sound blaster ZXR V5 Opamp

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” Out of the box, the music is more cleaner and fuller
For the music, my did a quick test between 2 setups (turn off all SBX of ZxR, iCan, iDSD enanchement features during test):
Foobar ASIO
ZxR > ifi iCan > HE 560
ZxR > (toslink) ifi Micro iDSD (rca) > HDVD 800 > HE 560

Stock opamp: iCan setup score 6/10 compare to iDSD setup.
V5i opamp: iCan setup score 8/10 compare to iDSD setup.

SBX Studio Pro respond to V5i (test with iCan setup):
Bass: the bass boost is least bloat compare to the stock opamp.
Crystalizer: with stock opamp, only lossy format (MP3, Youtube…) is benefit from this feature, not with lossless (FLAC…). With V5i installed, the lossless also can benefit now.

This is my first time opamp replacement, very nice improvement for music, gaming or movie. The result make me curiuos with how V5 (big one) and SS3601/2 would improve the sound….”

Full Article For V5 Opamp Mod:

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Sound blaster ZXR V5 Opamp
Sound blaster ZXR V5 Opamp