Review Highlights:

“I found it to be very musical, which is the result of its harmonic spectrum.”

‘The first thing I noticed was how much power the Virtuoso has. The (HiFiMan) HE-560’s are less sensitive than the PM-1’s, but I didn’t have to crank the volume control more than about half way up to get the volume I wanted.”

“Brahms’ “Intermezzo” is one of his most famous short piano solo studies. It is very romantic, and a bit sombre, but incredibly beautiful. I’m sure you would recognize it even if you are not a classical music aficionado. Through the Virtuoso, it can bring one to tears, and I had to fight them back. I listened to it over and over again, and finally had to get up and rest because it made me feel so sad, remembering a recent death in the family. Yet, it brought me peace as well.”

“The Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso is a fine headphone amplifier. It produces a musical sound quality similar to tube products, and therefore, the warm sound will be appreciated by many. At $1,995 it has plenty of competitors, but its unique sound quality will encourage many consumers to get out their credit card upon listening to it.”

By John E. Johnson, Jr. Chief Editor

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