Israel Yinon (Born in January 11, 1956 in Kfar Saba , Israel ) is a world renowned German, international conductor.

Yinon studied conducting, music theory and composition at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv (1981-1984) and at the Music Academy in Jerusalem (1985-1988) among others, Noam Sheriff and Mendi Rodan. In May 1991 he conducted the nationwide watch live opening concert of the newly founded Germany transmitter culture . In 1992, he first conducted the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom he subsequently completed a tour of Germany and his debut CD with the recording of the symphonic works of Viktor Ullmann’s recorded. This CD was awarded the Prize of the German Record Critics’ award. Have since conducted a number of recordings for Decca Yinon, German Grammophon, Koch, CPO and other labels appeared.

Apart from the classical repertoire, Yinon devoted mainly to the discovery of forgotten and unknown works. He sat down in particular in the Third Reich as ” degenerate “forbidden composers like Hans Krasa , Pavel Haas and Erwin Schulhoff one, but also for representatives of German Expressionism forgotten how Heinz Tiessen and Eduard Erdmann . Moreover, he has established himself as a lawyer living musical composer name. For example, he brought the opera The Royal Game of Violeta Dinescu for the premiere (at the Schwetzingen Festival 1995).

Israel Yinon served as guest conductor with numerous orchestras, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the London Royal Philharmonic, Royal Antwerp Flemish Philharmonic, the NDR Radio Philharmonic, the Vienna Symphony and the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin.

Yinon interpretations are marked by faithfulness, sensitivity and precision craftsmanship. At the same time his conducting style is characterized by vitality and temperament.

When the Maestro is not conducting, he likes to listen to music and modify his audio equipment to achieve better sound.

The Maestro and the Burson Conductor Virtuoso 9018

I thought that I should send you some of my very last impressions about your Conductor (Virtuoso). here are my most important remarks:

The Conductor is extremely well balanced, and is doubtless in its very best when decoding 192KHz/24Bit HD material.

Indeed, I was not able to get the correct sound-stage before; however, once I moved my speakers back (to about only 50 cm from the wall), the sound-stage became evident and it is indeed very very very good.


Something wonderful is being created now by me at home with your Conductor. I am listening now to some excellent classical and jazz recording via your Conductor, with it ESS9018 PCB DAC board. It is trully excellent!! And not just that it is excellent: I love it! It IS the best. I am quite amazed that you Burson people simply match 1:1 with my own taste and sound understanding which was developed through years of active music making and studio recordings, with great orchestras in the greatest european concert-halls. Really fantastic achievement of you!

I’ve just finished another comparison between my AVM & your Conductor: you won. We all win. It is quite amazing how alive but still relax the music sounds via your new Conductor. I am very happy about this.


Follow up thoughts.

I would like to share with you the good news from yesterday evening:

Michael Rassinger, the journalist have been at my home; we spent about 5 hours together, listening A LOT to your Conductor.

Your Conductor was in many CDs the winner (we were listening mostly to the Sabra32 DAC), especially in jazz music but also in organ music; several time also in orchestral and piano music. Really impressive.

The DAC is working excellent! I am getting beautiful sound from Conductor’s DAC-OUT when it is connected to my AVM Preamp!!

I am using now also a complete new set of silver cables – both for signal (NF) and as speaker cables; these are a very high quality of cables, over powering even the previous ETI Quiessense and eXpress-Six cables. So my conclusion nr. 1 is that best cables are a MUST for getting the real true sound and the right impression of your Conductor.

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