Original Review in Germany

Translated review highlights:

“The philosophy of Burson is to build the best headphone amplifier in the world. They are ambitious and We are here to test its performance again its claim.”

“As a headphone amplifier, the Conductor does a really good job. Tonally it plays very neutral. It has a tendency to be more towards warmth. But that’s really just a shade. Otherwise, it controlled with confidence in all the tests using my headphones.”

“Among the neutral and clean Agie-generating headphone amplifiers on the market, Burson takes top position.

“The Sabre ESS9018 is undoubtedly a top converter, accurate and uncompromisingly converts digital signal into exact music. And I know that many listeners may rightly love that. But personally I also like the Burr-Brown PCM1793-variant. Which is considered the most musical chip by many audiophiles – even if it has been a few days older than the ESS9018 DAC chip.”

“The Burson Conductor Virtuoso is a hot recommendation”