My experience so far is, the Conductor Virtuoso DAC requires a long break in and warm-up … :-)

I replaced the standard fuse for HiFi-Tuning Supreme 3 WA-Quantum, and the difference is huge.

For the rest it is a very nice sounding DAC, which is very balanced to me.
Not too high and the bass is present. Not too thick ..

I have deliberately chosen the PCM1793 version for its more analog sound.


As a source I built an HTPC based music player XXHighend: hardware, i7 2600 / 16gb 1333mhz / Asrock Z77professional-M.

The DAC and the music back up drive are coupled to a Silverstone EC04 usb adapter.Fully insulated with insulation tape
The amplifier is a Tsakiridis Aeolos Plus (Bugera 6550B)

The speakers are hand made by Concept & Design.
The drivers are from Morel Supreme Tweeter ST 1108 and the Morel ECW-638.
Cables are hand made from Concept & design audio – adapted with mono crystal/cryogenically treated.