I use the Conductor USB DAC/Preamp connected to a pair of amplified speakers (Adam F5) and specially, as a brilliant Audeze LCD 2 headphone amp.

After using it for about one month:

The fist noticeable thing is the great dynamic capacity:
 rhythmic succession associated with a transparency that is not even in less complex phrasing of sound plot, gives the musical message with a scenic realism that transcends all physical limits of listening through headphones.
The delicate detail, impeccable resolution, the great talent in every single bar with all its harmonics, making it perfectly intelligible every instrument and makes, with masterly skill, each more subtle resonance of the speaker of the cello any more levers and friction bows on the strings. G
reat bass and detail of the Dac section complete the perfect match with my Audeze LCD 2. 

Daniele M.