I am loving my new Burson, pictured here streaming Lyle Lovett via WiFi through my Squeezebox Touch. The headphone amp is a big improvement over my old desktop unit and the DAC is way more open and detailed than the one in the Squeezebox. The Sennheiser HD650 have never sounded better. The headphone amp USB DAC really takes control of them and brings the music to life. The Conductor SL also excels in driving my HiFiMan RE-400 IEMs making them sound less clinical and more musical.

So far I find the Toslink connection to sound best but I haven’t tried the USB – will have to install the USB-mod software on the Touch and right now I’m too happy listening to both with that. My rig is semi-portable in that I can just unplug it and, depending on mood or circumstances, move to any of five comfortable listening locations in my home.

I listen a lot to Spotify and always found it to be “almost CD quality” – i.e. pretty darn good. One of my fears moving to better equipment was that it would exaggerate the “evils” of lossy compression. Well, it’s not a worry. Now hi-res files sound great, CD-res files sound great, and 320 Kbps Spotify and MP3 files sound great too. Everything is improved.

Thanks for building me this wonderful product.

Mark B.