Burson Soloist with Audeze LCD-2 feedback by Em C.

..."I came across the Soloist headphone amp in one of the famous hifi sites with people raving about the great synergy it has with the Audeze LCD-2. Lucky for me you have a retailer here so I decided to drop by their shop and have a listen with the Soloist and at first listen I knew it was the one, it paired so well with my LCD-2 that I bought it almost immediately. I know people in hifi community like to try out and buy and sell different gear to get the best setup possible but as for me, I am pretty sure I will be sticking with the Soloist for a long time as I love it so much that I lost interest in other amps. I will be picking up the HD800 soon and I am sure the Soloist will pair well with it all the same. Thank you for a great product and more power to your company. Em C.