As you know, we have recently released a new driver for the Playmate and Swing.


Below are facts relating to this driver.

* It only applies to Playmate and Swing purchased after the 20th of May, 2019. It does not apply to other Burson products.

* It is not needed in Mac OSX systems.

For Playmate and Swing purchased prior to the 20th of May, 2019

* ‘v4.59.0_2019-04-02’ does not work without a corresponding firmware update.

* Please continue to rely on Win10 to auto-detect your unit or install ‘Xmos-USB-(Win8+).rar’ if you are not using Win 10.

* This driver update is not compulsory and it is not designed to “patch” any faults.

* If you are keen to try ‘v4.59.0_2019-04-02’ then we offer a memory chip with the new firmware installed free of charge. (with a 20USD postage and handling)

How to obtain and install the memory chip.

* Please use this link below to purchase the chip at 20USD including delivery.

* Once received, desolder the existing chip from the USB receiver module and solder the new one in.

* Then install Burson_UsbAudio_v4.59.0_2019-04-02_setup.exe

* As it involves surface soldering, please only attempt this modification if you are skilled or have access to professional assistance. Your local mobile phone repair can certainly do this within 5 minutes.