Burson Low Jitter Clock Customer Feedbacks

Burson HD Audio Opamp & low jitter clock NAD525BEE ...”Have modded successful my NAD525BEE (Op-amps + clock).The improvement in sound are great.Special with your opamps the sound is more spacey and more relaxed,very equilibrated and the digital-like sound gone,now sounding more analog-like (have AD8620 and BB627 before).Improvements in all aspects:much more clear dynamics,airy highs,precise bass but the best thing is that analog-like sound.”... Nicolae Turkey Burson low jitter clock in HK 970 Just wanted to let you know that I have installed the clock and it is running fine. Since the photo shown I have installed my own low noise power supply which will run another clock no prob. Paul NSW Burson Low jitter clock in Naim CD-3 Good sound Burson Low jitter clock & Op-Amp in Maratnz CD 72 ..."Burson Clock and full set of Burson Modules installed in a Marantz CD72. Amazing result!!"... Mark B Australia Burson low jitter clock in Denon CDP "...You can also see the Burson Op Amp replacements using discrete transistors is in the full photo from phase one. After a quick listen on headphones, it sounds very niece. I will be doing more listening this weekend. Patrick Australia Burson HD Audio Opamp  and low jitter clock in NAD 542 CD player My knowledge in electronic is minimal although I am listening to music for more than two decades. I changed many systems and recently was informed about Burson by Tony from Holland. I decided to change discrete opamp and the clock. Without help from two kind people Oscar-Mexico and Manfred-Deutschland probably this project would be unsuccessful. Firstly I changed discrete opamp which was very easy process. I was surprised how good discrete opamps are. Speakers disappeared, sound become analog, especially cymbals. Space opened in all directions as well. Than I ordered the clock. To understand installation process took me some time however after that it was again very easy. You can notice that in between pin1 U507 and the clock's power supply is placed R22ohm as kindly recommended by Manfred.  The rest as Burson's page advising. Sound, improved again, noticeably cymbals and bass too. The only think I disliked was that space constricted slightly with the clock. MirzaWAAustralia