More and more IC opamps are now SMD (surface Mount Device). Upgrading such SMD opamp to a Burson opamp requires extension cables.
Please take the following steps to prepare such extension cables.

Obtain a short length of data cable similar to the one shown below.  They should be multi-strand for flexibility.  Their length should be kept to a minimum to avoid picking up interference.  Less than 10cm is usually acceptable.

Strip 2mm off each end and load a small amount of solder to the exposed coopers.

Trim off the mounting legs on the Burson HD Opamp but leave about 5mm. Load each of the 8 opamp legs with solder. Don’t over do it.

Once completed, check the following:
  1. No overflow of soldering between the 8 connection pins
  2. No overflow of soldering underneath the opamp PCB.
Insulate the soldering point with liquid tap or heat shrink tube if individual cable is used for extension cable. 
Finished! Ready for installation!

Desolder SMD / SMT Opamp from the PCB. 

Solder the soft extension to the PCB. Bend previous loaded tip to 90 degrees helps to position the extension with the soldering pad on PCB. 
Check and clean soldering point and protect it with liquid tap or epoxy.

Ready for music!