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I am not familiar with Cyrus players so I really don’t know what to tell you there! My CDP also has a very beef supply as it has two “R” Core’s for seperate Digital and Analog supplies.
I do know this that the Bursons want voltage as well and 12 volts doesn’t quite cut it with them I have heard. I have 15 volts after my discrete regulators and now that you got me thinking I might run them from the 20 volt supply bypassing the regulators altogether yeah, yeah thats an idea I’ll have to look at!
Anyway as much as I like them I probably should of tried some of the latest Op Amp IC’s as reports are they are really getting to be good.

So the simplest and cheapest thing to do is pull the IC’s out an install IC sockets preferably one’s with gold contacts.
The thing about the Bursons is they use 20-25 ma each module total I have 6 modules thats 120-150 ma instead of IC’s maybe pulling 30ma.

So if you give what the Burson’s want they will deliver! is my motto.
Otherwise  I don’t think I would go with them meaning if the supply isn’t up to the task I think they can come across as lean sounding from some reports that I have heard but they were slightly lean for me the first 100hrs. Then I added more supply along with a unique mod to my regulators eliminating the feedback which brought substantial warmth. 
If you install them you’ll want to put a CD in the player and let it run a week straight before you give it a serious listen. Almost all the sites that I visited for people that really liked them had their power supply capacitance beefed up! Another area to play with is coupling caps which I haven’t played with yet as they would be expensive as well due to the being some 10 uf’s and I am picky today on my caps like my Duelunds on my crossovers are nearly $300 for two 1uf caps!
The thing is if you decide to give them a shot you’ll have to work with them! They are meant to be solder in and play but I don’t think it’s as simple as that!

One thing is for sure! I sure am glad I got the schematic for my CDP as it makes things much easier.
I am using the single modules for my Buffer out and a pair of Dual modules for the Analog filters.
I started with the singles and went in stages.

So they are very impressive after my efforts and they could be for you as well!
It is possible to put the Bursons on a pined IC and use a socket for them which I have given thought to as well!
In the end a person’s mileage will vary but mine has taken me pretty far!
My purpose was to give some updates to compete with $10,000 CDP’s that I have heard, and does it? I think so!
So you’ll never know, unless you travel down that road!
Here’s some more photo’s

Making room for more capacitance by removing the Balanced Out Module and utilizing all available space.


A Minimalist System,
Sony X77ES CD Direct
SET 572-10 10 Watt Mono Blocks, 2 Gain Stages, Tube Rectified 200 Joules of Energy/ Mono Block, 28lb Output Transformers
Forte Speakers, Outboard Crossovers with North Creek Music 8ga Inductors, Duelund Midrange Capacitors ,Mundorf Silver/Oil Tweeters, Bob Crites Titanium Tweeters and Midrange Autotransformers.


It works for me! Driving CDP direct to my 10 watt Mono Blocks.
One thing about Flea Powered Tube Amps !
Many are wimpy simply by design and do not have to be. Mostly due to slow supplies of having to much DCR in the supply path.

These are nearly zero, no regulators or chokes or resistors, if one wants chokes one should use the lowest DCR possible IMO, remember a 1H choke is equal to 750 ohms ACR with a full wave rectified power supply.
The above amps are more powerful “watt for watt” then many high powered SS amplifiers and this includes some 200 watt/channel designs. And surprisingly even sounding more extended in the frequency extremes then some SS amps.  I can’t tell you how many times I have LOL

As to preamps, I don’t use them mostly because they get the way, and because I can’t afford a 5 to $10,000 linestage I had the opportunity to listen to the very popular Peach II a well made linestage, the first thing that I heard with it was a dramatic loss of transparency, as to dynamics it was loose and no more dynamic then what the Bursons were already doing.
Its a lot of fun!

Especially after 35yrs of audio.