Burson HD Audio Opamp in World Class Audio

Incredible! you rule! i installed your op amps in place of some opa chips and your discrete babies blew the doors off those crappy chips! I’m hooked. My mixing console sounds like it gained 50,000 in sonic worth for the price of two of your amps! I would like to get some more…

Shawn S USA

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Rotel 951 CD

…“Even thought I was amazed by the sound improvement with the 1072 and the Buffer a few hours ago, now the sound of the older, but upgraded 951 brought even better definition (I´ve said even better), more controlled bass, overall warmth, a darker sound stage. Even in my tests, I moved away the speakers from their optimal position and got it closer to my components and me because the switching was made manually and by the time I´m writing You on the single sofa that appears in one of the photos I´ve sent You, they are very good heared, I can still percieve a great sense of 3D, maybe the sound is becoming more closer to that of vynil records.

I heard the voice of Eric Woolfson singing Time in Alan Parsons Project´s A Turn Of A Friendly Card without any roughness, it’s like if he´s singing right here”…

Luis Cortes Mexico

Burson HD Audio opamp in Hi End PC sound card

“…I am done with the work. The project is now finished!!! ) I am very very happy to have a wonderful sounding card.

The music from this card can be compared whit my hi-fi sistem (10000$). Its just amazing, really !!!”

Marko USA

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Audio Analogue Paganini 192/24

…”The resulting upgrade from the chip Opamp out-puts to the Discrete Opamps in the  Audio Analogue Paganini 192/24  was truly music to my ears and further more lead me to consider and buy the Burson Audio Preamplifier.”… (Read the full photos review here)

John O
Wellington NZ

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Onkyo T9090 tuner

…”The buf634 with the burson opamp makes, to my ears, a superb, low parts-count buffer, so no active pre is needed.  I’m going to split off the output of the buf634 and run out to my amp for the fullrangers.  The buf634 is in a Marchand Basis WM8 parametric EQ, along with a XM46 passive lowpass filter.

Main amp is a Sonic Impact T amp, for now.  With the burson opamp in the buf634 feeding it, it can now drive the Jordan JX92’s and Scanspeak tweeters.  And what an improvement over no buffer and no active pre before the T amp!”…

Patrick USA

6X5, Cayin CD 17A Super Mod

Burson HD Audio Opamp & clock NAD525BEE

…”Have modded successful my NAD525BEE (Op-amps + clock).The improvement in sound are great.Special with your opamps the sound is more spacey and more relaxed,very equilibrated and the digital-like sound gone,now sounding more analog-like (have AD8620 and BB627 before).Improvements in all aspects:much more clear dynamics,airy highs,precise bass but the best thing is that analog-like sound.”…

Nicolae Turkey

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Sony CDP-XB930 QS

…”Without going into a lot of superlatives the sound is now far more revealing and transparent against a quiet background – very nice!! You have done a fine job with this OpAmp.”…

Chris NSW

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Denon 2800MK2 DVD player

…”The card is from a Denon DVD 2800 MK2. This very basic player has become one INCREDIBLE performer, capable of crushing competition many, many times beyond its price range. Thanks to Burson, of course!”

Wayne USA

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Rotel 965bx

…”i bought the discrete opams from you a few weeks ago. After mounting them in my rotel 965bx i started the burn in period of 100 hours. All went well.”…

The Netherlands.

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Meridian 506 CDP

“Find attached photograph of the installed op amps (meridian 506 20 bit).2x Mundorf MKP .1uf are installed under the pcb.

Initial impressions of the op amps are of more controlled bass, improved  high frequency response and improved sound stage.”…

United Kingdom

Burson HD Audio opamp in DIY Pre Amp

“…Thanks for the cool products and thanks for sponsoring the North Alabama GTG…the buffer was a very nice unit and tomorrow I will see what this discreet op amp can do!”


Burson HD Opamp in KECES DA-131.1 DAC

…”I installed the opamps in the KECES DA-131.1 replacing the LME49710 Opamps. Before the upgrade the LM sounded like I was outside the room listening to the players, but with the discrete opamps I feel like I am now in the room with the players…..awesome. There is a certain snap to the music, more refined highs, extended bass, but articulate, multiple voices better separation, cybals have that life like shimmer, easy to discern nylon strings from metal on acoustic guitars…….overall awsome upgrade.”


Burson HD Audio Opamp in MHZ CDP

…“I am very impressed with the quantum leap in sound quality, albeit immediately after installation.”…


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Auzentech Prelude sound card

Hello, just wanted to compliment your incredible device! This discrete opamp really makes a difference, it’s like night and day. Soundstage, imaging, definition, sound retreival, space, ect have all improved and it’s not even broken in yet! I use it in my Auzentech Prelude sound card into my modfied Sony ES TA-E80ES preamplifier and the difference is quite dramatic. You may view some photos of my use of your product in my “vintage” system below. I may change all my opamps now!

Vince M 

For more photo Vince setup: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mastercontrolmedia/

Burson HD Audio Opamp in phone stage

In a word, awesome! I’m actually using mine in a phone stage, where they are the one and only amplification component.  I’ve only had them installed for an hour or so and I can already tell you with absolute certainty that they have transformed the sound from my vinyl front-end.  I was previously using those op-amp upgrades from Audicom (the drop-in ones using AD825 SM op-amps).

Definitely a thumbs-up for this upgrade!!

Dave B

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Xindak DAC 5

I installed the OPA yesterday in my Xindak DAC 5.
The big job was to unsolder the BB2604, after that the installation was easy !
The results are as expected. Improvements in every area. And they are not burned in.
Thank you for doing such products !



Burson HD Audio Opamp in Promitheus DAC

Now I have no complaints on the sound, and its only running for a couple hours.  Everything is there, the bass is full, solid, the air in voices and cymbals, separation of instruments very clear – all in so much better than IC op amps.  My best investment so far – A$80 for the pair of Bursons and US$25 for the DIY power supply.

(more details:http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?topic=41093.280)


Burson Opamp in Sony CDP-337esD

First impression: at low volume I now literally feel the bass thru my old but trustful KEF’s. Never had that before. I’m mainly a lover of acoustic music and male/female vocals. I must say, it already sounds very interesting.

New zealand

Burson HD Audio Opamp in professional studio

“I bought your BURSON OP-Discret that I tested with several machines and your components are really good in particular in high and low frequencies … I send you a picture of my studio to let you see what I do. The speakers are Kinoshitas’ ones with 4 FM acoustics…”


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Mhzs 66 / 88 CDP

I played the CD almost for five hours and still running good. And after breaking in the CD and your op amp the sound is getting better by the minute.


The tda 1540 has the most natural and realistic sound of all the dacs (IMHO) that I have played around with and inside the revox b225 it is a killer.  In my home set up it easily outshines marantz cd94, audionote dac 3.1 balanced,micromega duo, meridian 207,  chord dac64, grundig cd9009,  sony sacd777 etc etc.   My speakers are as relaistic as it gets stacked quad 57’s + raven tweeter.

Your op amp, released even more of its potential and I was very taken back by the degree of the increased sense of realism/presence it brought out.  I had thought I had reached the maximum potential that was possible by upgrading its power supply and all dac coupling caps. 


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Audyn Pre-6

I have already installed 1 pair in my pre-amp, the sound is excellent. As you described on your site, I now removed the X10D form musical fidelity. For a photo you can look on my site www.ruvox.nl  button PRE-6 met discrete opamp’s

The Netherlands

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Shangling CDT80

…”Just installed your opamp upgrade and I am more than impressed with the incrase in fidelity that is completely out of prop portion to the money I paid. Thank you for turning my midprice Shanling CDT80 player into a giant killer that now kicks serious ass. Finally makes my digital sound like a real acoustic event rather than a digital artifact. Excellent upgrade that has THE BEST price to performance ratio I have ever experienced. Every aspect has been improved, detail, resolution, naturalness of sound, dynamics and  smooth as. I will put you on my short list of highest recommendation to anyone who wants to upgrade their CD player. May the force be with you and please don’t ever stop doing what you do”…


Burson Discrete opamp in Shanling CDA10T

Very great job with your discrete opamp module. Some pictures here: http://diy-audio.myphotos.cc/Shanling%20CDA10T/index.html (hosted on my home PC, not 100% available as I turn it off before going to sleep…).


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Denon CDP

“…You can also see the Burson Op Amp replacements using discrete transistors is in the full photo from phase one.

After a quick listen on headphones, it sounds very niece. I will be doing more listening this weekend.


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Zhaolu 2.5 DAC

“I installed the burson op amps in my Zhaolu 2.5 dac. Still in burning in period, but the sound is already really better. Much space, much definition, more precise bass….”


Burson Discrete Opamp in Cayin CDT 17A

“I have recieved my Op-Amps, and the sound is noe more less than stunning!!

I just sat in my chair and smiled through 7 CD`s today, this is one of my best updates ever!

I can discribe the sound like this:

Much darker background, extreme dynamic, better placement between vocal and instruments, the vocal is dead center between the speakers, wonderful analog sound! They are just simply the best Op-Amps there is to find! I am stunned!…”


Burson HD Audio Op-Amp in Maratnz CD 72

…”Burson Clock and full set of Burson Modules installed in a Marantz CD72. Amazing result!!”…

Mark B 

BursonAudio HD Audio Opamp + Clock in NAD 521i

Pack just arrived on Friday, I installed Burson clock and in a NAD 521i CD player. The first improvement was using NAD as transport, I own an AUDIOSINTHESYS DAX DAC wich is very sensitive to transport, before installing clock de dac wasn´t able to lock with the nad as transport and some cracks and pops were heard, after installing the clock the dac locked perfect.

Using discrete opamp was a big improvement using NAD as a standalone player, I think this player is not good enough to hear the benefits of Discrete Op-amp.  My Audiosynthesis DAX is better than the moded NAD, but this mod made them closer, Discrete Op-amp was better than OPA627.

I´m sending you some pics of the modified nad, Discrete Op-amp Sclock, ELNA audio caps for analog ps, nichicon muse output caps.You can se in the pic the installation points for clock  (signal orange and  ground orange-white)

I´m also sending you a pic form my system and a pic of my loved Harman Kardon citation II.If you want to know more please let me know.

Best regards.


Thanks for your help below, they are now fully burned in and sound really impressive.

I have been trying different op amps for some time and had settled on BurrBrown OPA 627/637 combination but the Discrete Op-amps just blow these out of the water!

They sound in a different league. Probably the best thing is the texture, but overall every aspect of the sound is improved.

Allan R 

“The amps arrived yesterday and I installed them today.  They are beautiful! You really have a great design. They worked without any problems and sounded wonderful the first moment I turned them on. The difference between your amps and the OPA627 is not something you have to push your senses to hear – it is a huge difference in audio terms. There is an easy, but well-defined character which is just addictive…”

Bob F

Burson HD Audio Opamp in TEAC Esoteric.

…”Also I am sending you some pictures of a modified TEAC esoteric.  They completely transformed this $5000 USD player. Music has much more body, sound is more analytical.  Stereo image was much better, my speakers almost disappeared, never heard details were present, mod also included black gate non polarized caps”…


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Sony SCD777ES

…”The discrete opamp is really well, mainly because the GAIN is louder. Secondly, the sound quality is very natural. I used a thicker silver plated wire this time, the bass turned out excellent. When I listen to a music piece that involves the violin, it sounds flawless as well; pretty much, the sound that my stereo is producing has no trace of any digital sound quality- it is very musical.” …  


BursonAudio HD Audio Op-amp in Arcam 9

Burson HD Audio Opamp in Cayin CDT-17

“… I receive the 2 Opamp yesterday.
I fix it last night in my Cayin Cdt17, and today I listen all afternoon. They sound very good, much better than my OPA627bp, so great deal !!!
But I need one pair more for a friend (also in Spain)…”


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3

Pekka Immonen from Finland has kindly shared his X-DAC V3 modification project with the rest of the world. If you have a X-DAC V3 his web page is not to be missed.( http://modhifi.blogspot.com ) We love all the caps replacement and blue tag dampings. Great job Pekka :)


Burson HD Audio Opamp in Hi-End DIY DAC

George from France has installed our discrete opamp into his beautifully built DIY DAC with great result. Here is what he said about our discrete opamp…” I’ve just receive the AOP yesterday and plug them into my DIY DAC. This is simply incredible !!!…”


Burson HD Audio Opamp in NAD 542 CD player

My knowledge in electronic is minimal although I am listening to music for more than two decades. I changed many systems and recently was informed about Burson by Tony from Holland. I decided to change discrete opamp and the clock. Without help from two kind people Oscar-Mexico and Manfred-Deutschland probably this project would be unsuccessful.

Firstly I changed discrete opamp which was very easy process. I was surprised how good discrete opamps are. Speakers disappeared, sound become analog, especially cymbals. Space opened in all directions as well.

Than I ordered the clock. To understand installation process took me some time however after that it was again very easy. You can notice that in between pin1 U507 and the clock’s power supply is placed R22ohm as kindly recommended by Manfred. 

The rest as Burson’s page advising. Sound, improved again, noticeably cymbals and bass too. The only think I disliked was that space constricted slightly with the clock.

Mirza WA Australia