Burson HA-160D with HD800 feedback by Eduard C.

As you can see from the attached picture, HE is shining like a real jewel and is fitting very well in my relaxation room. Obviously it's not a matter of aesthetics; when I listen to BURSON's sound everything around me simply disappear.Talking about musical recordings, the old man you can see on the display in the attached picture, once said: This cannot be music, it is only canned food (simplified quote from memory, translated from Romanian).Without any intent to disturb his holy spirit, after several hours listening to the BURSON sound, I would simply add: But the canned food eaten from BURSON is delicious.As my mind is somehow disconnected from the real world and I have a long job to do, to re-discover my music collection, I have no more to say, other than: Many thanks to the team who made possible, for a humble citizen, to hear such a beautiful sound!Eduard-C.