I am now the proud owner of a Burson DA-160.
As you can see from the photo, I am streaming (Apple Lossless, WAV and FLAC) from a Mac (not the one shown, but an iMac wirelessly connected!) via a Sonos Player, then using an Audio Note P-Zero / M-One power/pre combo on a Futureglass rack.

Speakers out of shot are Tannoy DC6T Revolution Signature floor standers. With regards cabling, I used Chord Cobra (v2 and v3) phono and digital interconnects, QED Silver Signature speaker cable and a Black Rhodium power block. Previously I ran a Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3 that was nice and detailed but a bit harsh sounding (especially through the Tannoy’s horn-loaded tweeters). I bought a second hand Audio Note Dac-1.1x but it had leaky output capacitors so sent it back.

So, after a trip to Audio Affair I purchased the DA-160 with the option of returning it in 30 days if not satisfied. The second choice, if I was not happy with the DA-160, was the Shanling DC-50.

I have been listening to the set-up tonight and am delighted with the performance. Level of detail and bass extension are superb, with a warm but not too laid back sound, essential with the valve Audio Notes.

Tracks I use for taking systems through their paces include:
‘Follow Me Back Into The Sun’ and ‘You’re Not Listening’ by The Rescues
‘The Wider Sun’, ‘Vessel’ and ‘Insides’ by Jon Hopkins
‘Wah-Oh’ and ‘The First Time I Danced’ by Sunfall Festival
‘Re: Stacks’ by Sonos (a cappella cover of Bon Iver)
‘Are Friends Electric?’ by An Pierle (acoustic cover of Tubeway Army)
‘Albertine’ by Brooke Fraser
‘Downside Up’ by Peter Gabriel
‘Apocalypse Lullaby’ by The Wailin Jennys
‘Yes, Anastasia’ by Tori Amos

 Very pleased with the DA-160 and am confident that it will improve with further wearing in.

 Andrew P.