My system consists of a MacBook server and Cullen modified Sonos ZP90 transport to the Burson DA-160 by way of a Supernova 6 glass toslink, a Virtue Two.2 integrated amp with the 30v power supply, Omega Aperiodic 8 speakers upgraded to Hempcone drivers and a Glow subwoofer. Interconnects are all Verastarr, speaker cables are MIT EXp1.

A PS Humbuster III and various power cables from Valabs, Wireworld and Zu supply the juice. I am currently using a Keces headphone amp and Senn HD 600 phones for quiet listening. The DA-160 has been an absolute joy to have in my system replacing a Spitfire DAC which was actually a pretty decent little product.

The Burson however, has really improved the soundstage in all dimensions, has a very smooth midrange, tight bass, a glare free treble and really lets the Omegas produce holographic audio images. I suppose it is the “tube” sound many people refer to.
Since the addition of the DAC-160 this set up has in some ways bested my main rig- I seem to find myself listening to this stereo more often. I appreciate the two sets of outputs as I do some headphone listening.

I do note that it has definitely improved with about 100hr of burn in so far and seems to continue to improve. Initially I would hear a few strange ghost hisses which moved from channel to channel for several seconds before dissipating- strange, but the hours have exorcised these demons…

The DA-160 is of outstanding build quality and the sound quality has really had a great synergy with my components. I am really glad I tried a Burson product and am now thinking about the HA-160….

Brian N