The Conductor is a gorgeous bit of kit. This little box of joy has transformed every recording I play – often leaving me quite transfixed.

Every note is saturated with more musical goodness, giving a richer and more nuanced texture. I have only had the opportunity to compare the Conductor to the HA-160D and an Audio GD Ref5 directly.

The resolution on the Conductor was clearly superior, but didn’t spend any time teasing out other differences. I am able to listen to a much greater range of music. i have been enjoying the most challenging high resolution material in my collection. Radiohead, Mingus, Mahler are thrilling without losing their composure for a second. Whilst on simple recordings, each instrument is rendered with fantastic texture and nuance, making them much more engaging.

The quality and depth of bass deserves special attention. I had read about it, but I was not prepared for the way my little sub could make the room shake with such tight and musical vibes. I had no idea that even the most ‘bass-light’ music relied on the subwoofer to give them body. Without good bass, violins sound thin and shrill. News to me…

The Conductor makes music a visceral as much as a cerebral experience. Love it.

Thank you Team Burson for bringing the magic of music to my living room.

Your very happy customer,