Somewhere I read that my Rotel RA-06 was lacking of the lower frequencies, and to try to solve this, I took some decisions, including buying a 12″ Velodyne sub. Due to my relatively new interest in sound equipment, I found that was making several mistakes and tried to correct them by several ways:

One of my major improvements came until I changed a couple of times my speaker cables, now I use QED silver anniversary XT Biwire and also replacing all my interconnects with QED Qunex 2 wich I ordered having in mind that sooner or later I was to receive the AB 160.

Just the day before I received the buffer I thought that the drums could be heard in a more relistic way, as if I had my child playing with his, just six steps away from me. Even thought that the buffer is still in it’s burning period exactly that perception was the first I noticed, and I can´t erase the big smile on my face as it is getting better.

By this time the upper freqs are getting warmer, they seem to float in the air, the lower delivered deeper and tighter bass, it made useless the Velodyne. Also the soundstage has grown bigger (and I agree with one of the reviewers sharing it’s opinions at your website about a darker one and also the one who share it´s impressions about it´s speakers dissapearing!). There are also subtleties are appearing from everywhere: in Mike Oldfield’s remastered HDCD (Caroline Records car49368) Hergest Ridge, Part One, I can clearly distinguish the moments when June Whiting takes deep breathes to keep playing the oboes.

As you may see through the photos I own a Rotel RCD 951, I´ll be soon installing it the dual opamps and I´ll send you more photos and feedback.

In my oppinion this update transformed my equipment into a high-end one.
Luis Cortes Mexico