Burson Audio Buffer 160 & Cambridge 640 P pre-amp Terry M

The turntable (via pre-amp ) , CD player and cassette deck all go through the Buffer. Position 1 switches the T/T, and position 2 switches either CD player or cassette deck ( connected to that input via a double T type RCA connector ) depending on which is playing. The output of course just goes to the AV amp - - ( select CD position for all three ). Without pulling the entire unit away from the wall, it is almost impossible to give any real idea of just what the wring looks like. The pic showing some of the connections shows only about half of it !I really do enjoy what this combination produces, and have had many compliments on its performance, despite it being far from "high-end".I live in the north west of Tasmania, just 150 metres back from Bass Strait, and a fifteen minute walk from the Burnie CBD.Hope that you enjoy this !Terry M