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Timekeeper Virtuoso Power Amplifier with ELAC 330 Jet speakers

“My new Timekeeper Power amplifiers are magnificent! Moreover, Burson’s customer service reflects the same commitment to excellence that’s readily apparent in the audio gear the company designs and manufactures. That is, first class in every respect.”

Other system components:

· Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE preamp

· Schiit Yggdrasil DAC

· Apple Macintosh running Audirvana Plus

· iFi iUSB 3.0 power supply/signal re-clocker

· ELAC 330 Jet speakers, bi-wired

· SVS SB-13 Ultra subwoofer

· Oppo BD-103 blu-ray player

· NAD C427 tuner

Paul Z.

Adcom GDA-600 DAC upgrade with SS-Audio discrete Op-amp

The op-amps were the last of several sections that were upgraded in a Adcom GDA-600 DAC from a thread in DIY online. Listening was done after each section , power supply upgrade , caps around op-amps, the op-amp change and lastly the reserve caps at pin 4 to 8, each with SS-Audio discrete op-amp making the most positive improvement in sound, the sound is more open with a large soundstage , best and my peeve with digital is piano, the higher octave and flats are more real, to life I like that a lot.

Thomas S.

Jolida JD9 Phono preamp upgrade with SS-Audio V5i Op-amps

I received the SS-Audio V5i op-amps. Replaced the cheap IC holders with machine tool sockets used in the preamp.

This made for a much nicer and more secure installion of the V5i, they fit great.
After listening for about a week, I have noticed a much improved sound stage.
But the first thing I noticed was very much improved BASS response which had always been lacking in my system, not anymore. The bass is tighter, more pronounced and punchy; just the way I like it. The range and detail in the music is just fantastic.

I hear more of the music, sounds and detail I couldnt hear before.

This is a great product and I can highly recommend them. This was a lot of work, but well worth it.

Thanks again,

Xonar Essence STX II upgrade with Burson Audio V5 discrete Op-amps

I decided to upgrade the Op-amps in my Xonar Essence STX II, I bought 3 Dual Burson V5 discrete OP AMP’s and the sound quality is above anything I have heard from this card yet. My speaker system is a Klipsch Promedia 2.1, and my two headsets are the Astro A40 and the V-Moda M100’s.

Jonathan C.

Burson CV2+ with Timekeeper Power amplifiers & KEF LS50 speakers

Introducing the geek zone. The sound is absolutely sublime. They don’t look too bad either 😉

2 x Timekeepers (mono’s)
1 x Conductor with DAC 9018 upgrade
KEF LS50’s on ISO Acoustic speaker mounts
Macbook Pro optical out
iTunes, Spotify and sometimes VOX media player for mac
Bon Iver – Bon Iver playing in the background
Audeze LCD3’s on their way…

I bought my conductor second hand (never used though), but my timekeepers I recently bought from Burson Audio direct in Australia.