For now I’ve got it on my bedside table, next to an old photo of my father’s family, and paired with my Audeze LCD-3 headphones (the vegan version, of course!). I’m using a Sony DVD player for a CD transport, and a Sony PCM-M10 pocket recorder to play high-resolution digital files.

Needless to say, it sounds sublime! I was stunned at how much better the Conductor’s DAC sounds compared to the DAC on my CD player. Well done!

I must say, though, that I do have one problem with the Conductor. While I love it in my bedroom as a headphone amp, I’m also anxious to get it into my main system as a preamp. …And I’m sure it would be really, really nice as a DAC hooked up to the computer in my recording studio. Yes, I really need three Conductors. If you have any spares gathering dust in the factory, please send them along.

Thanks! Mark W