I was positively impressed by the accuracy this little amp.

Burson Audio Soloist-SL’s ability to preserve the response of each helmets without leaving a negative impression. It is a headphone amp really clear and powerful for its size.

A positive aspect is the ability of this amp to make a discrete gain stage width on some phone.

Restitution is generally quite neutral and clear on most phone tested. It is biased and I think we really found the character at different tracks.

The sound is very detailed and has articulation features that are only found on high-end amps. Panning and positioning of various sounds / effects is also very good.

Integrated into a suitable chain behind a good DAC it may very well act as a single amp because it is very versatile and I had a lot of fun to use everyday.

Coupled including my Beyerdynamic headphones but also with the Audeze LCD3 it is always well behaved. The association is particularly good with the T1 or the DT990 according to user preferences.

At the dark helmets Soloist SL is also a solution for those who want to offset falling helmet too and release a little soundstage or the upper register of a closed helmet “too much.”

The Soloist SL does not pay in the ultra analytical knows but remain very musical because good articulation and a layering of sound planes flying high.

“I can only recommend the Soloist SL. Beyond being a beautiful object exemplary finish, it offers excellent performance and will bring the resolution and the power required for many helmets. ”

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