When I got the k702 65th, I had started to find the DAC and amp for this mine favorite. Before i bought the Burson Conductor USB Dac/Amp from partsconnexion.com, I used Audinst hud-mx2 (with high gian mode).It could give a comfortable sound, but it can’t present the enough soundstage. The position is not good for me when i listening classical music. So I started to find a new amp.

At begin, I tried the Schiit’s amp, ex. Vallhada, Lyr. Some website suggest these amps could drive the k702 well, but when i tried them, i found they give me too much warm sound, I think that caused by the OTL tube. and the low frequency is too much for me. besides above reason, Heat also would be a concern.

When I try the Soloist headphone amp, i found it sound is good for me. i like the presentation of soundstage, position and the sound image. But i also concern if i use hud-mx2 as dac, would Soloist give the same sound?

So, after trying the Burson Conductor USB Dac/Amp, I was convinced.