I have tested few of Burson’s equipment in form of full-scale reviews on my blog audiofanatyk.pl, like V4 or Soloist SL MKII. At the moment I own two SS V5 + three V5i OPAMPs. And of course the Conductor V2+ together with many vintage AKG headphones. My collection contains about 15 models or so, from studio classics like K240 DF / K260 Professional, through quad-driver K270/K280 and hybrid K340 ES-D, to K1000. Especially with K340, I’ve never heard better synergy than with CV2+, even when considering advanced age of my pair (but still in very good shape). With K1000 I can achieve satisfactional volume level on 44-46 which is a very good result too. I’ve also had an opportunity to listen CV2+ with for example Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCD-4 or Beyerdynamic T5p v2. I’ve heard a lot of amplifiers and DACs, but Conductor is so organic and at the same time technically developed, that there is no way I couldn’t get one after my very positive review.