A Class-AB Amplifier in a Class-D-Sized Enclosure!

We believed strongly that a Burson amplifier has to live up to the high bar set by our other components. Smaller-footprint power amplifiers were very often class-D or variations on it like class-T or Z. These designs suffer from two major flaws in our view. First, as always, Burson eschews the use of IC-based chips as audio building blocks. Learn More [+]

Secondly, class-D and class-T chips were created for the car audio industry! Subsequently they were used in mobile phones where power efficiency, size and budget are the driving design goals with audio performance languishing far behind.

We were determined then to create a class-D-sized power amplifier with a fully IC-free class-AB output stage, a custom-built transformer and a linear power supply. And we did it!

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