…”I’d agree had the problem been more pervasive but I couldn’t reproduce it. Granted I don’t own an iPod dock but I do have two cheap Blu-Ray decks and a 20-year+ old Accuphase CD player which all locked fine through coax and optical. Even the optical output of my Mac mini (famously crippled by jitter) locked without problem. This leads me to believe that the jitter performance of those docks must be way out of range to create any issue. Finally, although it’s easy to forget the Conductor’s price in light of the amazing value, I don’t believe that a newcomer to audio will settle for a $1.850 DAC/headphone amp when ‘similar’ machines can be had for a few hundred elsewhere. Somebody who buys a Conductor has done their homework and knows they are getting a truly special piece of audio gear. The chances of that person pairing the Conductor with a very high-jitter source are slim. As long as Burson highlights that risk on their website, I hardly see a reason to withhold our award. So while the Conductor walked away without one, it certainly gets my highest recommendation not just as a headfi amp/DAC but also a bone fide DAC/preamp that won’t sound out of place in all but the most demanding systems – all at a price that cannot be matched by any comparable component I know of today.”….

Full Review Here: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/burson10/5.html